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Learn How You Can Profit Off Of The Upcoming A.I. Revolution And Laugh At Money Worries If You Follow This Simple Plan

Deploying the exact strategy worked for me in 1995 and it still works even today. Stay with me for the next few minutes and I’ll show you HOW.

Hey Top Gun Entrepreneur,

If you’re thinking 2023 is just ‘another’ year, it’s NOT. Well, practically it is another year, but it’s a year hiding so much in its feathers.

Just like in 2010 when bitcoin jumped to the top shelves…

In 2023 the AI revolution is expected to bring about HUGE changes and disruptions to the way that we work and live.

And every major technological innovation opens a window of opportunity.

During the Industrial Revolution, people became wealthy by starting businesses that leveraged increased manpower and advanced methods of production.

The increased efficiency and output of these businesses allowed people to create generational wealth, and the exact same concept is unfolding right in front of us with the development of AI.

But one key difference between the AI revolution and the industrial revolution is the speed at which it is occurring.

The AI revolution is simply happening much faster than previous industrial revolutions. So the implication of this technological shift will be felt much, much sooner.

If You Want To Survive & Thrive,
You Need to Ride the Trend At the Right TIME!

Because those that adapt and learn how to implement AI technology into their business, or use it to help other businesses, will win.

And those who ignore it will lose their share of the BIG opportunity that’s right on the door.

Think about it…

When bitcoin came out in 2009, most people ignored it. But those who paid attention and invested in it… made a fortune!

The point I’m trying to convey here is that if you want to profit from an opportunity, you’ve to jump into the pool at the right time.

We need to learn how to add value arbitrage, meaning there are 10s of 1000s of opportunities to become first to market and actually maximize efficiency, which is a huge opportunity.

It’s the same with this NEW A.I. Revolution Called ChatGPT.

The people who develop the tools and methods to use ChatGPT can generate value arbitrage to generate a lot of wealth in this new industry.

The key here is to start as soon as possible.

Early adopters of a new technology or idea often stand to gain the most because they are able to take advantage of the potential benefits before the masses catch on.

Now Before I Tell You How You Can “Adopt” This NEW Tech, Let Me Tell You How I Started…

I had no clue what my future would look like when I started working as an online entrepreneur back in 1995. An advertisement in a local newspaper caught my eye, so I replied to the advertisement. The title alone was powerful enough that I was instantly sold. It said, “There are 50 million people online right now, by the year 2000 there will be a Billion.”

I was sold and purchased that course for $25.., (it wasn’t a tiny amount at that time) My wife agreed to work, while I had 12 months to see if I could make it work. After 12 months, I was making $500 USD per week, at the time that was 1000 Aussie. 

Which was great at the time. After 12 months my wife stopped working because I was getting better in my business with every passing year. It took me 5 years to turn over my first 7 figures in a single financial year.

Towards the end of the ‘90s, I created a marketing bot, that generated sales. Back then making money online was completely different than what it is today, there were no GBP, no Google, no social media, and no e-commerce sites…

In fact, people were scared to enter the CC on sites. But, there was an online chat program called ICQ, similar to skype. I created a marketing bot, utilizing that platform. I was an affiliate for the top Personals Site on the internet. I was consistently in the Top 5 affiliates.

A tool I created to do the marketing was my Version of an AI bot. This communicated with people to let them know about the Personals site.

While Chat GPT has a source of over 183 billion data points in its machine-learned database, my chatbot only had me…

So I focused and drafted the possible scripts and refined the chatbot over time. My bot became so good, that I had to add this. “will you marry me” answer = “Sorry I’m single, but not looking for a husband right now.”

At that point (Seeing the wedding proposals.) I knew this was huge. The coder at the time who created this software for me was in a different country and he barely spoke English. But together we created that breakthrough chatbot and it was amazing.

That was 1997, fast forward 26 years and we are still working together having created over 100 automated software solutions for varying industries. Which brings me to now, the start of 2023. I’ve already started utilizing Chat GPT in two different projects, using 2 different coders.

The reason I share my story with you is to let you know, that right now, we are at the very very early stages of a tech revolution almost as big as when the internet first arrived.

Maybe not that big, but it’s extremely close.

I’ve been there since the beginning of the internet and watched the world change, and with my depth of knowledge in this field I can honestly say we are there again right now.

See, it took me 5 years to generate my first 7 figures being green and getting involved in the internet. This time my goal is 5 years to 10 figures. Which is entirely achievable.

And that’s why I’ve created this course. I want to explain how serious this is right now.

Because this revolution is going to disrupt almost every industry. I’ve been in the Search Industry for the last 15 years and I can see it will be dramatically affected.

If you’re an Online Entrepreneur dreaming of building a fortune online, there’s never been a better time to jump in with both feet and UNDERSTAND this new technology.

Remember the Shovels I mentioned above? We need to determine what these shovels are for different industries. And then become an expert in that field and provide them. And the best part is… We don’t even know what these shovels are right now. Nobody does and that’s the beauty of it. We can discover them together.

Welcome To The…

Fourth Mind Business Institute

Here’s the Only Place on the Planet Where You’ll Learn the Amazingly Powerful Techniques To Unlock Your “Fourth” Mind By Adopting NEW Tech Revolution

I know “fourth mind” is a bland term…

But let me quote the author of the book “Think & Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible intangible force with may be likened to a third mind.”

And right now, you have the opportunity to add Chat GPT into the mix and arrive at the “Fourth Mind.”

Here’s What People Said About Something Similar I Did A Few Months Back…

David J. Entrepreneur

I really got a LOT of really awesome actionable ideas with this course. Peter shows you exactly how to replicate his test results and takes things even further by giving you ideas on how you can take the different parts and find new clients or use the ideas yourself to make more money. I really enjoyed this course!

Tom L. CEO

As always, you’ve overachieved with this release. Thank you so much for all the info and your products. I couldn’t do what I do without you.

Andy R. Manager

Peter’s course has finally brought up the missing SEO puzzles that I’ve been looking for.

Jony P. Accountent

We have come to expect the best from Pete and his software. This course clearly details the product and why it’s the best choice in the current environment controlled by Google and YouTube. Thanks, Pete.

There are tons of testimonials like these from people just like you. Entrepreneurs who were stuck and needed direction… all got tons of value.

ChatGPT is the ultimate CHEAT CODE.

With the release of ChatGPT, there are so many opportunities opened up for early adopters. In my mind this is similar to the release of the Calculator, I’m old enough to remember exactly when that happened LOL. If we could study the stats of the most commonly used word that went beside “Calculator” at that time, that word would be “Cheat” or “Cheater” or “Cheating”. That actually wasn’t true at the time back then, BUT it is certainly true now.

Imagine being able to offer most industries, and most companies a legit Chat Code that will improve their efficiency and profits. That’s where we are right now. The beauty is, Most industries and companies are completely unaware of this right now.

Which gives you a perfect chance to cash your way to profits with this always-here-to-stay technology. In 5 years every business will be using it 100% because if they don’t, they’ll disappear really fast.

The companies that leverage Chat GPT will have massive advantages over their competitors, which is what people who understand this new tech can offer them.

And That's What This Course Is All About!

Inside, I'll show you:

The reason I’m sharing everything with you is to show how easy it is to implement and how little time was used.

I’m treating this new tech so seriously that I’m investing my valuable time into creating this course.

Which will be the qualifier to join my fortnightly mastermind group.

We, together can push each other forward in terms of understanding this new tech and pushing each other forward into utilizing this new tech to our best advantage.

Master AI with the Comprehensive Fourth Mind Business Institute Curriculum

A Fair Warning…

You will never have an opportunity to learn so much about this new tech again any soon. Once this window closes, so does your opportunity to join this insanely valuable training and ride the AI trend wave.

So, If you’re ready to level up your business with the help of AI in the next few months, you NEED to jump on board and learn how you can use this disruptive tech to make a fortune for yourself and your family.

You’ll be thankful you did!

To your success,

Peter Drew
Founder - The Fourth Mind Business Institute.

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